2Guard Prep Cleaner - 1 Gallon

  • 2GUARD PREP CLEANER is a cleaner/degreaser that contains no butyl or any other solvent, yet cleans better than products that do. It’s safer and more environmentally preferred.

    Key Features

    • Positively Emulsifies Oily Soil—Saves Time and Labor
    • Contains No Solvents or Caustic—Safer to Use
    • Works on Any Oily Soil—Simplifies Training


    • ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERRED: Patented formulation that removes greasy, oily soil but contains no petroleum distillates.
    • NO BUTYL: Replaces more personally hazardous cleaner/degreasers containing glycol ethers.
    • NO VOC’S: With no solvents, 2GUARD PREP CLEANER will not release volatile organic compounds into the air.
    • VERSATILE: Just vary the dilution and it can be used for multiple jobs, from light duty cleaning of files and lockers to heavy duty cleaning of machinery.


    2GUARD PREP CLEANER can be used on all metals, woods and fiberglass to clean the surface before applying 2GUARD CLEAR or 2GUARD COLOR.

    Directions for use

    Dilute 2GUARD PREP CLEANER with water as follows:

    Heavy Soil: 5:1 (26 oz. per gallon)

    Moderate Soil: 20:1 (6 oz. per gallon)

    Light Soil: 50:1 (2.5 oz. per gallon)

    • Price : $20.00/Gallon
    • Quantity :
    2Guard Prep Cleaner - 1 Gallon