2Guard Clear Protective Coating - 1 Quart

  • 2GUARD protective coating prevents the oxidation or corrosion of the surface to which it is applied. 2GUARD CLEAR also rejuvenates existing paint coatings that are failing due to corrosive attack by sun (UV), air and/or water, causing pitting and oxidation of the paint.

    • A unique clear coat formula that protects all types of painted and unpainted wood, metal and fiberglass

    • Can be applied via wipe on (lint free cloth), Synthetic Roller, or Spray Unit

    • Is self leveling

    • Won’t crack, chip or peel

    • Easy to apply. No mixing. Dries quickly. Indefinite shelf and pot life

    • It’s a clear coat and thus will not yellow over time

    • One quart of 2GUARD CLEAR covers around 250 square feet. 

    • 2GUARD CLEAR is a VOC Compliant Product 
    • Price : $55.00/quart
    • Quantity :
    2Guard Clear Protective Coating - 1 Quart